A Winter Postcard

We had a light snow come through Friday evening and I was out shooting a couple nice scenes. I spent about three hours shooting Friday night and it was supposed to warm up Saturday, so I was debating whether to sleep in or go out? Well of course I could not sleep thinking what I might be missing so I made the effort. This scene is one that I  brought to life with flash and some led candles and the result really made me happy. This is the Lititz park and although most of the snow was all tracked up, this little area where cars normally park was still pristine, so I knew it might make a good spot for the luminary candle effect. The park light pole is incredibly bright, so I had to use a long pole with a cardboard square attached to place in front of the light to hide it and allow the peaceful shadowy blue to take effect. I added light to the Christmas tree to highlight the branches, lit the tree on the left, the Gazebo and also blasted the flash from behind the gazebo to get the light rays shining out onto the snow. The luminaries are just led candles that are actually real wax that my wife loaned me. When I put them in my truck, I thought they were plastic, so I was not real careful, but then I realized they were real wax with led light added, and I think they may replace my usual hauling bags with sand and candles to do shots like this. This is among one of my favorites from this Christmas season.

7 responses to “A Winter Postcard

  1. So glad you chose not to sleep through this one ! Beautiful.. sounds like a whole bunch of work you do, to get these shots for us.. ty ever so much!!

  2. That is so beautiful. Thank you for these gorgeous Christmas scenes! They are my favorites of all your photos. It’s like opening a present every morning when I check my email. I appreciate the patience and effort it takes for you to capture these pictures for us to enjoy. Happy holidays to you and your family and a very healthy 2018!

  3. I always appreciate how you share the background details that go into these beautiful shots! It makes the photos even more interesting! I just would’ve assumed that every detail just happened to be perfectly ready to shoot, and why don’t I ever come across scenes like that, ha ha. When I realize all the extra work and skill that goes into lighting the scene just right to get the best photo, I’m in awe! Wow! Nicely done! Beautiful!

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