Foggy Travels


This morning was an absolute nightmare trying to navigate roads I was not that familiar with. Even roads you know take on a whole different perspective in heavy fog, especially when there are no painted yellow dividing lines to help you see the road.

8 responses to “Foggy Travels

  1. When you say this morning do you mean today? Because a couple of weeks ago I was biking through Chester County in a dense fog, and thought I might have seen you and your posse about 8:30, maybe later. If not its become a very popular road with photographers.

    Great fog shot. I know what you mean about trying to see where you’re going in that kind of weather and I know those roads cold.

    • Could very well have been us. I have two friends that go there often. we all came together there one morning because we were told a fox hunt was coming through. it came within 75 yards of us and went the other see a lot of bike riders down there.

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