Dolly Sods Sunrise


This is one of several images I captured on my two-day trip to Dolly Sods in West Virginia. This spot may look very remote and you might think I was all alone when I shot this. The fact is there was four photographers within four feet of me and about forty plus more photographers scattered along the ridge.It was among the most frustrating experiences I have had shooting, but it was Columbus day weekend and everyone was on vacation it seemed. The small puddle on the rock captured the reflecting sky color and added a bit of a nice touch in the foreground. The sunrise was a real beauty but having to deal with a million other shooters kept me from enjoying the moment a bit. We stayed at a cabin about 45 minutes away so we had to rise plenty early to get there before sunrise but many poor souls slept in their vehicles overnight on top of the mountain.Thats usually not a big deal but many did not seem prepared and one guy told me he used half a tank of gas keeping warm and we saw one car covered in a heavy frost.


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