Holy Cow it’s Hot


This shot was taken at the end of august and just about all the cows were belly deep in the creek to cool off. This is something that drives conservationists crazy as it supposedly affects water quality and causes erosion as well. I definitely do not see this as much as I used to but I still get a chuckle when I see it. As soon as I started shooting them,one by one they came out of the creek,and it was almost as if they knew they were not to be in there.

4 responses to “Holy Cow it’s Hot

  1. Love it. And since cows have been doing this for thousands of years, I just can’t see how this is more damaging than the spewing chemical plants along the Chesapeake, or the tons of chemicals that are poured on all those perfect lawns in developments or raw sewage that pours out of Lancaster County prison when the prisoners plug up the toilets.

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