Progression of Scooter Riding


The other week I shared a photo of an Amish mother with her  daughter in the basket,and now I captured one in the basket and one standing with mom in the back scooter. One day they will have their own scooters and get around the countryside the same way. I have only seen an Amish teen on a bicycle one time in 30 years and for some reason the scooter is the only allowable transportation besides the buggy. I am guessing the bicycle is considered too mobile.


6 responses to “Progression of Scooter Riding

  1. Love this! If I’m not mistaking, these scooters had very small wheels in the beginning, now some are almost bicycle size! This could get them there faster, right??

    • you are correct.they used to be small,but I can tell you they make larger wheels now and there are a few with even larger wheels but they are less sturdy because the way they are designed. I actually own one that I added electric too and the largest wheel version cannot handle the torque. most are the medium wheel size and I can show you where 99 percent of them are made near leola.

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