Amish Palette


Seems kind of strange to be taking photos of clothing hanging on a line, but this Amish wash line seemed to include almost every color imaginable and I had to turn around to make a quick stop to get a shot. It’s funny a lot of people associate Amish wearing black all the time but that was nowhere to be found here.

8 responses to “Amish Palette

  1. To my knowledge, none of the Amish farms or Mennonite have cloths washers in their homes. I might be wrong here. Not many have electric. They do all the wash by hand.

  2. I have never really ever thought about the color of clothes on the Amish women or men for that matter but not that I think about it it seems that all I ever remember seeing is black except for the young ones before the age of 9 I think. Who knows but now that I’m thinking I want to do research on it. LOL While I’m at it I will check out about the electrical cause I’m sure that is true about washing everything my hand because they don’t have any kind of power.

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