Right Place,Right Time


I was out chasing storms last evening and once again came up empty on that endeavor, but I did see this shot and going on my truck roof made a big difference in being able to see the corn rows. Imagine my surprise and excitement when the rising moon made an appearance at just the right spot. I hope to get a second attempt at this tonight if the weather cooperates.

17 responses to “Right Place,Right Time

  1. Beautiful! I didn’t realize the moon was that big last nite, guess I need to spend more time outside! This is one awesome shot…

    • I used a telephoto which helps the size. a wide angle makes it tiny. the real secret is finding a subject far away enough to use a telephoto on and then have the moon in that same shot. this was a lucky occurrence that i was already shooting here when it came up. sometimes photographers use huge telephotos to get moon shots and then add the moon to other shots.if you ever see photos where the moon looks ridiculously large,that is what you are seeing.this was somewhere between 200 and 400mm zoom.also when i shoot the moon,i try to do it when its rise is just after sunset,so the exposure is close between the moon and the landscape or you get too extreme a situation to capture properly.tonight the moon rises slightly later and it will be darker than this but still perfect. thursday might be the best night if its clear and after that it is dark when it rises. I sometimes use an app called -the photographers ephemeris,and if you download it,you can enter any location to see exactly where the sun or moon will appear in that location. you can literally set up your tripod before sunrise or sunset pointed toward your scene and already know exactly where the sun or moon will appear.

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