Ominous then Inspiring

weaverland-church-storm weaverland-church-rainbow

I shot this set of images this past sunday evening at the same location about 20 minutes between the two. I decided to head out in search of lightning and storms and was following a storm to the north of me but even though it was very dark and threatening, I saw three lightning strikes at the most the whole time I was driving. I ended up going by this church,noticed their exterior lights were starting to come on and decided I might as well just try a shot here. The clouds were starting to churn around and I was sure lightning was imminent so I set up the camera and waited in my truck as I remotely snapped the top image. I saw rain was coming so I covered my camera in a trash bag except the lens hood and waited while it poured. No lightning ever materialized and I actually was busy doing a second shot after the rain stopped because the parking lot reflected the church nicely and as I sat in my truck firing the tablet,I noticed the church windows were starting to glow? Everywhere around me the skies were stormy and dark except a small sliver of clear sky on the horizon to the west. I got out of my truck to look the situation over and thought to myself if the sun does appear,it will illuminate the church and the reflection should be great. No sooner had I pondered the possibilities,when the sun broke free and all of a sudden the rainbow appeared,then a second one. They lasted maybe a minute or so as I rushed to capture the unfolding spectacle before me. I might have had time to reposition my camera to get the rainbow directly over the church but this angle shows the facility better and the composition is more appealing. I cant remember a storm quite as ominous that had no lightning but I will take the rainbow any day plus seeing it over the church makes it all the more special.

17 responses to “Ominous then Inspiring

  1. Mr Resse,
    Thank you for sharing these incredible images. Indeed the title “Ominous then Inspiring” reflects these contrasts well. These photos are quite inspiring and capture well the story of life and faith. Though we live in a stormy and volitile world, God’s eternal promises will never fail which the rainbow beautifully testifies. May God bless you for sharing your gift of photography with us
    Lead Pastor Brian Martin

  2. Don, like always I love your photos but I believe besides your boat shots I love the second one of the rainbow best…thanks for getting out and looking for a good storm so you can have an awesome picture like this one.. first one isn’t bad but the second one is the icing on the cake. Kat

  3. WMC had a little lightning damage a week ago, so some of us were praying this one wouldn’t do more. Perhaps that’s why you didn’t get lightning pictures there. Instead, you got the rainbows, a reminder of God’s promise! Thanks for the inspiration; that picture is a keeper, a beautiful shot.

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