Beat the Crowd

I went to New England for a few days last week by myself and was treated to some great fall color. This photo comparison is meant to encourage you to get out early and beat the crowds, even though they were taken minutes apart. The top view is what I saw most of the morning as I traversed back and forth along the Kancamagus highway in New Hampshire,but about three hours after sunrise,the bottom photo became the norm. I slept in my vehicle,a rented jeep wrangler during this trip to save on motel costs and even though that might sound rough,I was actually quite cozy on my 6 inch foam pad with blankets to keep me warm on the 40 degree nights I had. I definitely could feel my age creeping up on me as I slowly hiked down stream banks where only ten years ago,I bolted and hopped across boulders without any thoughts to safety.I drove over 1400 miles in four days by myself and got some great images that made me glad I went. I will share them in the weeks ahead.