Beyond Help

Todays image was taken along the Kancamagus highway in New Hampshire and although the sunrise was a let down, this shot still turned out okay. Once again I slept in my truck,this time in the town of Lincoln,which is the western gateway to this highway and my internal clock had me up at 430,so I said what the heck,let me drive the 12 miles or so to this lookout and wait for sunrise.Well obviously I was the first one there and was all alone up here for at least 45 minutes in the dark before others started slowly trickling in to join me. There were some strange noises up here in the woods,and I have seen moose grazing in the brush here in the past but not this time. The title today comes from the idiot I passed along the highway later this morning who was stuck in his very expensive Mercedes. There are numerous places to pull off the road along this highway, but this gentleman decided to pull off onto a pile of tennis ball sized rocks that formed a small spot along the road. I passed him as I was going up this long hill and after going about three miles and telling myself to go back and help him,I finally turned around. As I pull up I notice he has all 4 tires buried in the stones and he is resting on the frame of his car, so since I had the jeep and my tow strap,jack and all that,I walk up and tap on the window to offer help. He rolls the window down and the first thing that comes out of his mouth is not thank goodness you stopped, but JUST WALK AWAY?. I told him I was pretty confident I could get him out with a little jacking each area and filling stones in under the tires and a little tug from the jeep, but again he says JUST WALK AWAY. He tells me he sent his wife to get help and he is waiting for whoever she brings? First I thought who sends their wife alone with some stranger on a road that has no service for 32 miles to get help? I decided he was a total idiot who had more money than brains because for one thing he had an all wheel drive car that he spun all four tires into the earth and he was on large stones to boot,so he was clueless and should probably stick to city living and skip the wilderness.Next time I see something like this,I will snap a shot to offer a visual to illustrate my experience better.