Quick,Snap it

This is a waterfall along the Kancamagus highway in New Hampshire and I had about thirty seconds to get this shot before another twenty people walked into the shot. When you are in a spot like this , you come to realize that nobody cares if you were there first, want a nice clean shot etc etc,so you just do the best you can. I waited a while till everyone left and I was getting ready to fire a series off when I see a mother and her grown daughter navigating across the rocks as they headed for the big rock in the middle of my shot right beside the waterfall were they proceed to sit down and relax. I was very patient for the first three minutes,but then I started giving them the “you gotta be kidding look” which only seemed to make me more frustrated when they stayed put for another five minutes. If you hang around places like this long enough you will see things that make you scratch your head, like the dad who decided to walk on a ledge that was about 6 inches wide and slippery as all get out with his 8-year-old daughter holding his hand and halfway through the exercise,he realizes this was not the best idea and starts getting a little tipsy as he tries to safely get himself and her back up where sane people are. The water was not raging here but you look at the falls in my shot and imagine you fell in and how sketchy that might become real quick. They were just to my left in the area where the rocks drop into a ravine.