Lantern Light


This is the Historic Ephrata Cloister, and every year around Christmas they offer lantern tours of the site. I stopped by to see if they would consider letting me do a shot with the lanterns sometime and because it was at least an hour till the tour was starting,they said I could do a shot right away if I wanted. I was under the gun to quickly get set up because the sun had already set and it was getting dark quickly. All the lanterns were sitting by the visitors center so I had to position them along the path and light them as well in a few minutes time. I set my camera up, and decided to use my tablet to operate the camera on what is called live view, where it opens the shutter and gives me a live shot of the scene,so I just looked at my tablet and positioned the lanterns where I thought they looked good from the camera position. Anytime you have light like this,you have to shoot at the right time so you can hold detail in the bright flame and match the ambient light. There is a period of time that lasts maybe five minutes where everything is balanced,but it does not last long. Would love to do this shot in the snow sometime,but there was just enough moisture on the walkway to give a little reflection of the warm lanterns to give a nice result without snow. The two lamp posts were also dark because they have some sort of electrical problem and the grounds keeper said they have no idea where the problem is, so all the old posts are out right now. I lit the posts with flash to bring them to life and save the day.