Christmas in Bethlehem


This is an early morning shot I did in Bethlehem,Pa and because we stayed at the hotel on the left,I could sleep a tad bit longer than usual. I did a shot the night before here in this spot but it was non-stop traffic,so the lesson here is get up early and miss the crowd. For this precise angle,I actually moved my truck from the hotel lot to this spot on the street so I could guarantee the view was unencumbered by other vehicles and I shot from my truck roof to get the slightly elevated perspective. The hotel was gorgeous inside and we really enjoyed our short stay here, and the old street lights added a wonderful ambiance. As we ate breakfast in the hotel, we enjoyed looking at all the celebrity photos on the wall that had stayed here, and they included everyone from John F. Kennedy to Bob Hope to Frank Sinatra. I joked to my daughter that I was going to buy a frame like they had on all the photos and next time we visit,I was going to exchange a photo of me with one of the framed celebrities and see how long it takes for anyone to notice.