Cozy Country Living


This image was captured last evening when the temperature was a balmy 19 degrees, but there was a good wind blowing and it felt at least ten degrees colder. I went out the other morning in the snow,which was basically the first of the season and ended up driving past this location and when I saw the star on the barn,I thought it would make a neat photo. I parked along the road and went up in the field on the right and was there shooting about 45 minutes as sunrise drew closer. The next thing I know a car comes out the lane,stops and asks what I was doing standing in their field?  I explained the situation and that I thought knocking at 615am might be a bit early, hence the conversation we had, which was a little tense considering I was in their field.

Well I left soon after and kept thinking about the situation and decided the least I could do was give them a matted print of the shot I took and hope they would forgive me, and so I dropped the photo off last night and I took my box of luminaries along just in case things worked out and they knew I was not up to anything but photography. When I stopped, only the sons were home and said their parents would not be home till after dark,so I left the photo,bid them goodbye and figured that was the end of it.

There is a one room school nearby and sunset looked promising so I decided to set up and shoot that as my evening photo and after the sun had set, I notice a car slow up and go down the lane. It was not long till a car came out the field and I was sure I was going to get told again to hit the road, and to my surprise the gentleman could not have been any nicer and explained the situation from the other morning, and without going into detail, it was understandable the reception I got. I mentioned to him that I brought my luminaries along but it was getting to the point of being too late for a shot,but he said if I wanted to try,I could. Well I made a mad dash to position them and one of the sons actually came out to help me light the candles,which definitely helped. In the end I did manage to capture the shot,despite my hands hurting so bad I wanted to scream and that was with hand warmers too, and thankfully I was able to apologize for my initial visit and things worked out. I did also hit the barn with a little flash because it is really in deep shadow and I blasted a little flash toward the camera to bring out some of the detail in the snow. This is one of those photos I can guarantee I will remember the bone chilling cold every time I look at it, because my fingers were screaming on this one.