Nautical Time Conundrum

snake-hill-full-moon snake-hill-full-moon2

I admit it,I can never keep nautical time straight in my head,even though I get the basic concept.My point is I was all excited to capture the full moon last night because I had checked the moonrise time and thought it was just before sunset,which is the perfect time,because you still have ambient light around so it is not a bright moon against pitch black. I get to this spot about 445 which according to my calculations would be just the time the moon would appear. There were clouds around so I called a friend who was out as well to see if he saw the moon yet? He says no I am still at home,moonrise is not for another hour? Well I knew that would be getting into the dark time but figured what the heck,why not hang around? I use photo ephemeris to see where I need to place my tripod when the moon comes up in any given location, so I first set up with the barn image to get the moon in the shot,and the second image was taken as I was walking to my truck in the dark. I could barely guess at focus and this 15 second exposure captured all kinds of color in the sky around the moon,which I was pleased with. One problem with these shots is they are relatively long exposures and the moon is constantly moving,even in a one second exposure it will easily blur,so these look more like a sunrise than a moonrise.