Moonset over Portsmouth N.H.

This is one of my favorite images from last weeks fall foliage excursion to New England. It took me about seven hours to get here and I was exhausted after the drive so as the sun set I began driving around Portsmouth New Hampshire looking for a safe place to park and settle into bed in the back of the jeep I rented for my nights sleep. I found a very quiet neighborhood, parked, slipped under my covers and zonked out pretty quick. I never need an alarm because I am usually so keyed up to shoot that my internal clock gets me up long before the sun comes up and this morning was no different.I awoke at 530,got dressed and ate my delicious breakfast of five Oreos and milk as I drove a couple blocks to the spot shown here,and as I pulled around the boat dock I noticed the full moon was setting in my planned shot. Well you never saw someone rush so fast to get their equipment out to capture the moon before it went out of sight,which happened about a minute later. The church clock says 555 and had I slept just a tad longer, I never would have got this. This shot is very serene and is what I envision when I picture the Coast of New England. The water was calm and mirror like at sunrise but by lunch the wind obliterated any possible reflections,so getting up early was a real plus. This is the first time I actually stopped off at Portsmouth,and in the past it was always a town just off the highway as I headed to Maine.This visit gave me a real appreciation of the history here and there was also a gorgeous coastal town nearby called Rye that was full of expensive ocean side mansions that were awe-inspiring. I hope to go back around December and maybe get a snow shot of this spot,so wish me luck.

8 responses to “Moonset over Portsmouth N.H.

  1. Fantastic shot! It should be a jigsaw puzzle! Would love to see it in winter. And I especially love hearing about your trip. Thanks!

  2. There is so much involved in professional photography that you do. We benefit by your hard work to see this resplendent scenery. Personally, I look forward to you going back to shoot this in December as you mentioned and indeed, good luck although I don’t think luck for you is involved at all – I think you will nail it. You know – if you take suggestions – I miss the big fat snowflakes when their falling (I’m originally from east coast). Now that would make for another sensational photo would it not?

  3. Awesome shot ! I look forward to see this w/ snow on the roofs. But hope you wont be sleeping in ur truck! I never been to New England, but something unique about their buildings..

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