Above & Below the Bridge

These two images were taken at the same location,except one was taken on top of the bridge and the other facing the opposite direction was taken beneath the bridge.As I get older, I notice I think about the possibilities of getting hurt on my adventures a lot more than I used to and the fact that I had five stents put in this year after a near heart attack is probably a big factor in all that. I am starting to see my athletic ability wane a bit and I find myself more deliberate in my moving about places like the lower shot,where I am going from boulder to boulder and one slip or twist the wrong way,and I am in a bad spot. Consider the fact I was alone on this trip, in northern New Hampshire in places that maybe someone does not notice an empty vehicle for a day or two,and the fact that I don’t always call home each day, and you start to see why I ponder things more. Now don’t get me wrong,I still hiked under the bridge to get the shot I wanted because I would rather enjoy life than let fear dictate things, but I just try to balance the two better these days.The main reason I hiked down under the bridge in the first place was because I thought the yellow tree would be reflected in the water better than the top view,but it was terrible the lower I went,so thankfully it was good looking the opposite direction,making my little descent worth it.

4 responses to “Above & Below the Bridge

  1. The dislocation of my ankle happened in a fraction of a second and I am ridiculously jittery on slippery sidewalks now. I hate for you to have to chew off your foot because the dislocation does not allow you to crawl . 😬

  2. It never ceases to amaze me the lengths a photographer will go through to capture that “one” special shot. I’m saddened to hear of the stints you have. You are very resilient. Additionally, I appreciate your comments about enjoying life instead of fear dictating to you. You do know the opposite of fear, right? Courage!!! You rock! 😀👍 I applaud you. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

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