The Kancamagus

The Kancamagus highway is 32 miles of unspoiled wilderness cutting through New Hampshire and with a little effort, you can see views like this just off the road. Getting this shot required making my way down a 20 foot hill and some boulder jumping to get out into the stream a bit.

8 responses to “The Kancamagus

  1. What an adventure! You seriously got this at peak time. The east cost burst with color you can almost taste at this time of year. I loved living in Massachusetts, Vermont and New York State. My memory banks a full of vivid memories of gorgeous New Hampshire as well. I cannot express enough how I enjoy your photo’s Mr. Reese. I do not comment every day but I assure you I have not missed one of them. Keep them coming. Your fan, Sharon 👍👋😀👀

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