A Study in Modes of Transport


This Hot Air Balloon was out in the middle of the day recently,which is very unusual,so my guess is there was a young pilot in training.The reason I came to my conclusion is because they came down almost touching the ground to the left of the road here and then took off again. It was a perfect spot to land but they climbed and did this manuever several times across the valley here. I got all excited when I saw they were coming low ,and when this Mennonite buggy stopped at the stop sign,I knew I had a shot. He actually went left at the intersection but he must have been worried the horse was going to get spooked because he sat here a good minute or so. The Mennonite girls on the bicycles had a great view because the balloon was about ten feet over their heads as it drifted over them. Just another day in Lancaster county,Pa.

4 responses to “A Study in Modes of Transport

  1. That is a great picture! I love hot air balloons. We don’t see them very often in our area. I did go to a hot air balloon festival this summer and got some great pictures. How can you tell that is was a Mennonite buggy?

    • In my area we have Mennonites and Amish.they dress a little different and other subtle things,but this guy was definitely Mennonite.Honestly I am no expert on these things,but around here there are mennonites that drive buggies,some drive cars and they usually have black bumpers etc etc. I still want to go to Albuquerque someday for the worlds biggest balloon fest.that event is insane

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