Packer Memorial Chapel


I spent a day in Bethlehem, PA recently and went wandering around looking for photos. I decided to head up the hill because I noticed a few church steeples and low and behold I come across this stunning church. It was built in 1885 and was donated to Lehigh university by Mary Packer in memory of her father Asa Packer. Asa was a pioneer in railroad construction and founded the university. There is so much detail in this place,and it is stunning in my estimation.


6 responses to “Packer Memorial Chapel

  1. When I went to school there, after pulling a locked door open in the basement, we climbed up the tower spiral staircase from the dirt floor basement to the top of the bell tower, where we climbed out over the wall on the outside of the tower to hide from the campus police who were now looking for us. They didn’t find us. From about 47 years ago. Jeri


  2. Really got the detail and beauty of the stone however I thought you were referring to the only Packers I know. The Green Bay Packers! Go Pack!

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