Warm up the Stove




This is the image I was shooting when the folks came home yesterday at the luminary location. It was brutal outside but I had my tripod on my truck roof and could fire the camera from the relative warmth of my truck using my tablet. I can tell you one thing it is a little dicey walking on a vehicle roof when your boots are covered in snow and the roof is nice and shiny. I almost went down a couple of times and ended up taking little baby steps while I was up there. The sun went down in the perfect spot and the sky had glorious color. This buggy came out of nowhere and because I was parked facing away,I barely noticed the buggy turn in the lane and managed to get three shots off before it was too far down the lane.

10 responses to “Warm up the Stove

    • thanks, i might have brightened the buggy a tad too much though. it was getting lost against the building and the sun was hitting it a little. i am surprised it was not blurry,cause i was at a slower shutter speed.

  1. Beautiful Don. And I wonder why my photos aren’t great when I take quick shots without a tripod in the middle of the day.

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