Dawn in Bethlehem


This was the last image I captured in Bethlehem on a cold winter morning. This street was non-stop traffic the evening before but getting up before dawn allowed a car free shot. this was shot just before the lights turned off for the day, and was about at the point where the mood was almost gone.

6 responses to “Dawn in Bethlehem

  1. LOL! About 3 years ago I saw you at a craft fair–you’re much younger than I am. I came to social media only two months age. Most of the time I don’t get it, especially FB–haven’t got a clue how it works :-$ The reason I asked is because I ‘follow’ (as it’s called) a photographer located In Ireland. Twitter is just another forum that allows artists to display their work–and your work is phenomenal!

      • You’re correct, I guess it was awhile ago…I have no concept of time. It was at a small two story building in Ephrata. Sorry, I went with a friend and do not remember the name of the place. Anyway, will you be exhibiting your photos in the Lancaster area in the future?

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